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Provide an organized platform allowing users to engage in online debates by supporting or refuting various topics and statements.

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Give users the chance to express themselves!

Users may now respond to polls by selecting their favorite items, providing percentage ratings for up to four items, and even sharing their thoughts.

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Manage how your users interact with your content, allowing them to vote for or against various topics with the ability to support their positions.

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Why Speakol?

We’re far from a below the line, traditional and linear commenting system. We’re different, there's no debating that.

Engage your readers

Give readers a structured platform to become part of your content.

Learn about readers

View reader sentiment instantly and access the vital numbers too.

Build, don’t replace

Use alongside your existing commenting systems like Disqus or LiveFyre.

Easy to use

It takes a few minutes to register and integrated into your website.

Socially friendly

Easily share debates to traditional social networks and drive traffic to your site.

Moderate activity

Easy to use moderation tools to ensure healthy debates and discussions.